Clocks, Counters and Timers

K1 - Three Digit LED Counter Price Photo Docs
Basic low cost counter. Two or more counter modules may be plugged together with the 6-pin sockets & harness provided. Uses a single-unit 3-digit LED display.and is built around the 14553 & 14551 chips. Box & battery are provided. The separate COUNTER MODULE shows how to use the Kit as a counter. Has COUNT & RESET switches with debounce circuit built in to eliminate problems from noisy switches. 9V battery operation.

K73 - Big PIC Clock Price Photo Docs
A 12/24 hour clock using a PIC microcontroller and BIG 2.3" (57mm) high 7-segment displays.Based on the kit published in Silicon Chip, March 2001. Fully annotated source for the PIC is available here.

K129 - 4 Digit Up/Down Counter Price Photo Docs
Low cost 4 digit up/down counter using an Atmel 90S1200 AVR microcontroller. Inputs include "Reset", "Count", "Count Direction" and "Disable". Also has an "Overflow" output for connecting to another counter. Built in debounce (10mS) for easy connection to mechanical contacts. Maximum count rate is 50 counts per second. 9-15VDC @ 100mA supply required (not supplied). Small physical size: 52 x 61mm (2" x 2.4").

Featured in May 2001 issue of Silicon Chip (click Docs for article).

K141 - Multi-Mode Timer Price Photo Docs
This kit contains seven different timing modes using only ONE IC and some support components on a single-sided PCB. Opto-isolated trigger input and relay output.

Timing Modes:
1. Instant On, Delayed Off, Level triggered
2. Instant On, Delayed Off, Edge triggered
3. Delayed On
4. Instant On and Hold, Delayed Off
5. Toggling
6. Instant On, Delayed Off, with Pause
7. Delayed On with Pause

Delay Ranges:
1. 1 - 255 seconds in steps of 1 second
2. 10 - 2550 seconds (42min 30sec) in steps of 10 seconds
3. 1 - 255 minutes (4hr 15min) in 1 minute steps
4. 10 - 2550 minutes (42hr 30min) in 10 minutes steps

The timing modes and delay ranges are selected by on-board DIP switches. There is provision for another timer mode. If you can think of another timer variation (or even a completely different set of timing modes) then let us know - it's only a software change! Various triggering options available (see documentation). 12VDC operation. 96 x 48mm - (3 3/4" x 1 7/8") PCB.

Featured in April 2002 issue of Silicon Chip (click
Docs for article).


K154 - 4 Digit Presettable Down Counter Price Photo Docs
A low cost 4 digit presettable down counter with output and reset. The starting count value can be set using 2 pushbuttons. The counter can be used for both high and low speed counting applications. The counter has 4 operating modes that control how the output behaves when the count reaches zero. A 9 to 12V DC supply is required to power the kit. A 12VDC / 150mA plug pack will do fine. Overall dimensions = 50mm x 63mm (2" x 2.5"). Uses Atmel 90S1200 AVR microcontroller.

Featured in May 2001 issue of Silicon Chip (click Docs for article).